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When you arrive you will choose the era or theme you would like. A costumer will show you a variety of costumes in your chosen theme and size. YOU Pick what you would like to wear. A costumer will help you to get dressed properly in your costume with all accessories needed.

You will then meet with your photographer who will photograph a variety of poses and expressions. With your help they will create one of a kind memories using a variety of props and sets. 

When you are finished with the photo shoot, you will change into your regular clothes and move on to choosing your photos.

A viewer will show you your photos one by one. You will get to choose the photo YOU LIKE best and your viewer will help you to edit. You will get to choose exactly how you would like your photo to appear before printing. 





  • 3 Main time periods or eras & multiple scenes within your era  

          1:Saloon Girl & Cowboy

                *bar top

                *poker table





                *outdoor wagon(Seasonal)

                *and more

         2: Southern Belle &

                Southern Gentlemen







                *poker table


                *and more

         3: Roaring Twenties

                 Gangster & Flapper

                *loading dock

                *bar alley

                *bank alley


                *poker table


                *whiskey barrel

                *and more

  • We also have Civil war, madam, & dressy cowboy costumes. 

  • Hundreds of costume options and combinations

  • Costume accessories

  • Dozens of props

  • Unlimited variety of poses

  • Bring your pets